Modern classic interior designed in search for unconventional finish solution methods. Delicately introduced black and grey colors infuse spaces with elegance. Glossy surfaces create a feeling of luxury.

The interior is rich with flamboyant classic style elements entwined with modern elements. Well-balanced and tailor-made elements as well as furniture make the interior exclusive.

High, entwining spaces opening the view not only from the usual angle, but also overlooking, make the interior look really impressive.

In bathrooms dark colors are allowed to divulge their splendor and infuse the interior with unexpectedness. Flamboyant bathroom accessories and decorative faucets create an exciting style of premises.

More modern interior style prevails in the bedrooms for youngsters and SPA area. Bedroom spaces are designed by taking into account the hobbies and lifestyle of every young person. SPA area extends the coloring of the house interior. Bright colors are dimmed with dusky, grey tones. Flamboyant elements repeat the overall style of the house and make the interior of scrupulous integrity.


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