Extravagant classic home designed using many flamboyant elements having enduring value. The floor, walls, and ceiling – as individual interior projects integrated in a holistic system. Every plane has its exclusive, individual design forming a royal environment.

Well-balanced and tailor-made elements make the space exceptional and individually luxurious. Gypsum models, woodcarving, glass and textile ornamentation infuse every interior element with individuality.

Classic Damasco patterns, gold elements, black Swarovski crystal, and elegant bathroom accessories prevail in the bathrooms. Cozy atmosphere is completed by drapes and decors made from exclusive fabrics.

Bedroom spaces are heated by cozy wallpaper, curtains and bedspreads from luxury fabric decorated with silk lace.

High-level craftsmanship of Lithuanian manufacturers in finishing every element up to the smallest detail helped creating the home interior with a touch of exquisite luxury.


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